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Milk diet failed again LOL

Monday, November 29, 2010

Sunday (breakfast, 212kcal) 1/2 cup Master Pura Slim milk, 1 Sunshine soft white bread, 1 tbspn Skippy No Cholesterol Creamy peanut butter (lunch 60kcal) 1/2 dragonfruit (dinner 340kcal) 1/2 cup steamed rice, 1 5" waterboiled broccoli , 90g waterboiled chicken thigh, 1/3 Campbell Creamy Chicken soup to act as sauce (cardio morning -152kcal) 3.01km in 18:11 (night snack 123kcal) 1 cup Marigold non fat peach & mango yoghurt (cardio night -156kcal) 3.03km in 15:59.

1/2 cup steamed rice : 106 Calories / 1 stalk of 5" water-boiled broccoli : 49 Calories / 90g water-boiled chicken thigh : 107 Calories / 1/4 can Campbells cream of chicken : 78 Calories

Total calories intake for the day : 735 - 151 - 156 = 428kcal ♥

Mom said it looked like someone puked over his/her rice dinner, haha !! Anyway, almost everything in this dish is waterboiled or steamed with zero condiments so it's mega healthy ! But i was kinda afraid it would be a tad too dry and tasteless, so i used campbell's soup as a sauce over the whole dish.

xoxo, your weight-loss psychotic

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