Flea Escape 3 !

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Saturday was nothing but lotsa fun and sweat at Flea Escape 3. Yes, i had a stall there and this time round, i shared the booth with Jiamin and Yanling ! Booked another stall each for Ade and Wenzi too. It's a pity Suk couldnt make it cause she's got 2 classes on Saturdays (can't afford to skip so many lessons haha) else i swear it's gonna be sooooooo fun !!

For more photos, please check out my facebook LOL.

And oh, for Saturday, all i had was Koi oolong milk tea (large) for lunch, some cookie sticks, and Chicken cutlet rice for dinner. The place was sooooooo hot that we all didn't have much appetite for food.

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