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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Was bumming off the internet when i found this song off Mel's blog. I really envy this girl called Mel cause she does not seem to put on weight at all despite eating soooooo much ! She's like my new thinspiration, seriously.

Anyways, my shoot at Hortpark this morning was called off due to me not feeling well enough. Anyway, i just got Baby into Kids21 ! I can't wait to see B work in an all female environment. But luckily my manager is hiring more guys to help us ladies carry the heavy cartons.

And i know B's gonna go crazy if he sees me everyday, every hour, every minute, every second. So i told my manager that my bf would hate to see me every second every minute, and guess what ? She sent B over to Twelve21/Betula which is just directly opposite so i can still shoot sneaky glances over whenever i need to.


isha: is that so, they do look pretty. oooh i love ur white dress that u wore while sitting :D
* Haha i love it too. But i spoiled it during the shoot. Dirtied it and the stain could not be removed ):

passerby: how u become a model?
* My friend got me into this line (:

angelawu: i nudge u before le lehz
* I never receive lae ):

passer: girl, is ur photoshoot tfcd?
* Yes my shoot with TiongGhee is tfcd :D

winnieee: waa your photos nice leh. =)
* Haha thankyou (:

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