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Thursday, June 12, 2008


marilyn: haHA, i saw all ur pics alr !!! not too bad. but a lil stiff!!
* Haha i don't really like most of the pics from the second outfit. Was too tired to smile, and body's aching from all those posing already. But it was fun working with TG la. Haha. Can't wait for this Sat's shoot. Anyway, if i postphone it to Sun, will you be ok ? Same time same place.

isha: il love ur pics dear! looks pretty!
* Thank you. These few were the only nicer ones. The others were not very nice. Haha.

janet: i also watched tat series!! the ending sucked...HAIZ...oh well, the original author of the manga behind the story died before she completed the manga...
* I heard bout it. Qiang Xin decided to back out due to certain reasons right ? I bet i'm gonna cry my eyes out when i watched till there.

angelawu: wahaha! i like ur tg send me ur photo .. creatures!! lol... i would like to see that!!! and u alien i monster liao!! o.0
* What is tg ? When you see me online, nudge me.

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