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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

throat inflammation accompanied with a very high fever ):

And so, i took an MC today. Seen the doc, and he gave me some medicine that would cause drowsiness. Took them, and slept all the way from 10am to 4pm. There goes another day.

Anyways, something not very good happened to Baby and i 2 nights ago. Come to think of it now, we were pretty silly and paranoid at that point of time. But i'm glad that everything is under control (i hope) and i'm thankful to Baby for not letting me go through it all alone by myself.


isha: aww that's too bad. give it to me then! i'll have it cleaned! hahaha
* I threw it away the moment i found out that the stain could not be removed ! ):

janet: i need a job too...HELP?!
* I'll ask my manager for you :D

MY: what is tfcd?
* Time for CD (:

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