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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

shoo kittykats shoo ! scram, and move outta my way !


nicole: wa. cold. ~~
* Haha. I've got nothing better to do ma.

Eileen: OMG! i tot u really had a baby girl. scary
* Lol. Abit too big ah my girl.

winnie: u scare me! haha.
* Wa piang. In 2004, i always go AhMa house and meet you there. You should know it's fake what. Haha.

isha: hahaha i hate you! i almost believed u had a daughter! hahahhaah
* Haha. I've got nothing better to do ma.

terence: have a great weekend yah!
* Thanks for the visit and you have a great weekend too !

Js: omg im toy
* MY toy (:

marilyn: seems tempting to get one blue bottl for myself!
* You can go to Watsons/ Guardian to read through and see which one you really need.

i dont have freckles though but i wana be fairer and help with my pimples.. i bought e pink bottle, can it help?
* I heard from some friends that their usual period pimple breakout was reduced after consuming Hakubi but i'm not too sure bout it (:

janet: nope, if you consume ALL at one shot, over time you're more likely to get kidney stones, btw the other ingredients are simply amino acid and calcium...
* So what do you suggest ? Haha. Actually, whether a person is overdosing on VitC or not, all depends on their intake versus to the ratio compared to others. Many is uncertain what one's actual requirements are, but 500 mg of VitC per day is universally considered safe and covers basic requirements. But for me, who suffers from calcuim overload, needs larger amounts of VitC to keep the calcium in me soluble and prevent these calcuims from calcifying soft tissue. But anyway, thanks for the information and concern.

esther: i recently got hakubi c2 too! seriously which is more recommended? c2 or white c?
* Imo, if your frecks ain't too dark, the blue will do. Cause the blue makes my skin very luminous, while pink makes my skin very smooth (:

wantong: hello. ermm, i dun remember knowing. maybe you'd like to refresh my memory? (:
* I was just hopping around.

isha: oh..did you buy it online? how much was it?
* No i bought it in Singapore's pharmacies. 24 SingDollars for pink, and 29 SingDollars for blue.

fang: eh i was eating that time. den i saw you from inside. lol. =)
* Oic. What's nice to eat at CityPlaza ? Haha.

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