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Thursday, July 10, 2008

*with no photoshop at all*

But personally, the only change i saw is having my complexion being brighter and clearer, and the skin colour on my shoulder blades are more even. My ugly frecks are still there though ):

Hello boy, hello toy

Anyway, guess what came knocking a few days ago ?







I love, enjoy, adore cashing out from Nuffnang everytime my advertisement ends. Also, Nuffnang never fails to fill my blog with advertisements at least once every month !


* Lol. Crazy boy.

winnie: haha the pic of u becoming the bf so cute. =)
* Haha (:

fang: hey saw you at tpc and then later at city plaza! lol.
* I didn't see you at CP eh !

janet: i looked at the ingredients for hakubi pills and i realised it is mainly 600mg vitc tat will whiten your skin, so you are buying ex pills for vitC cause it has whitening effect. Also, too much vitC cause kidney stones over long term.
* Haha i know bout Vit C lightening the blackness of melanin long ago already ! Hakubi consists of other stuffs as well, which will increases the beneficial effects of Vit C. And regarding the kidney stones, they only will occur if the user does not consume enough water, no ? (:

isha: oh really? that only available in singapore! wah i wanna buy a bottle when i get back to the philippines. haha
* I'm not very sure eh. It's of a Japan brand, SATO. I'm planning on their collagen stuffs too ! (:

claire: the hakubi pink is to lighten while blue is to prevent? i thought e pink is for sunburns and duno wad then blue is specially for freckles?
* Yea that is what i felt. What you had said is according to the brochure. But on the bottles themselves, it is stated that the pink is for people with blemishes, freckles, pigmentations and burnspots while the blue one is for people who worries for freckles and such. So imo, if your frecks ain't too dark, the blue will do. But blue makes my skin very luminous and pink makes my skin very smooth (:

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