Diet plan day 10

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Birthday in 3 days' time and according to Jiamin, when one's birthday is approaching, she needs to fa qiao abit and start doing her nails . So i managed to psycho Adeline to go for some nails pampering after class today.

Wanna guess what colour did i choose for my nails ?


caca: eat eat eat ! eat like a pig (^^) next time bring u go eat buffet eat till u burst, lol
* I still can't resist the temptation of food at times.

Eileen: Shan!!!! you MUST eat. Dun starve yourself!
* But i'm very desperate to lose weight ):

marilyn: omg!!!!! u ought to eat more!!! ur eye like a bit dent in le!!!!! eat eat eat !!!
* My eyes all along dent in one ! And plus the dark eyerings, it looked like its very sunken but it's not actually (:

you: girl, as in, the girl who posted a msg, it could be lighting. my nose looks huge and sharp at different angles and lighting my dear
* Haha thanks for answering on my behalf (:

hello: dun mind me asking, what's ur weight now?
* I just weigh myself and i'm now 47kg (:

manda: hahas.. i think that anon guy is kinda too free and nothing better to do..hahas..
* It's not the first time already. Haha.

chanelle: the anon who posted that msg is a scammer. he posted once at my friend's journal too -_- check his ip address and you'll know. ignore such people yeaa :)
* It's not the first time already. Haha. But it's really irritating. Lol.

caca: okays,den we exchanged ! hahaas. anyway u can lose weight even if u eat regularly, my friend eat as normal, but she doesnt allow any sugar intake, so soft drinks, sweets chocolates all out ! fish soup without rice, yong ta hu w/o noodles, cut out all the starchy and carbos and enjoy the greens :)
* Ok, exchange ! I can't quite resist food. Haha. Actually all along i've been eating very lil carbo and lots of veggies. So i think i'm immuned to it already. Haha.

Js: booking in later le. Take care ok~ muacks
* (:

girl: did u do something to ur nose? dey look different. dey are v sharp now.
* No babe. I think it's the angle (:

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