Today is the book out day, book out, book out.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Anyway, remember the previous post which i mentioned bout this friend (lets call her L) of mine who flew my plane on the meetup day itself ? I was told by a common friend of us (lets call her W) that L actually called W on our planned meetup day asking her how was the items she bought from MissFayne. L told W that she was supposed to meet some friend and then come down to meet me but she got too lazy and did not meet the friend. That explained why she did not come meet me.

But to my horror, i came to know bout some earth-shocking news. L lied bout feeling sian to go out. In fact, she was prawning with a friend, then movie, and then dinner at Subway. How bad is that ? Got time to go have fun, no time to inform me at all ?!?!

She even dared to msn me 1 day AFTER the scheduled meetup telling me that she won't be meeting me for 2 weeks and told me to mail her the items via registered postage. Note, i used TELL and not ASK. She even tried to explain that she's not taking me for granted yada yada. Bah whatever, let me blog bout my date with the boyfriend !

pimp myspace

Baby booked out at 10am in the morning today. And my very sweet B decided that we shall meet up in the afternoon for a proper date - Movie and dinner. Kbox session for the next date okie ?

We caught Painted Skin at Plaza Sing, and i swear the movie was bad, bad, bad ! B and i give it only 0.5 outta 5 popcorns. And the 0.5 is for Donnie Yen. Haha. The show was so boring that we kept yawning and yawning.

Anyway, i kept bumping into botak NS men and friends at PS la ! First i saw that "friend" who died on me on our scheduled meetup while i was leaving Daiso, then it was Xing and Yf, then Jing, and the list goes on and one.

Anyways, i've updated MissFayne yesterday (:

click HERE for measurements and prices.

Okie, tag replies then i'm off to play facebook's pet society :D


shaun: ur bf in NS now?what company is he in?lol.
* Lol. He went in on the 12th Sept. He's in Mohawk.

terence: have a wonderful weekend! :)
* You too.

rebecca: chilll !!!!
* Hais. I really don't know how can she do that to a friend. Maybe she does not treat me as a friend at all.

passer: how did u manage to put anigif files in your blogger... those pics that can move...
* Hi. The gifs were auto generated in this website called Gickr.

marilyn: chill chill ! omg, i damn hate this kind of ppl ! anw, smile kies! dun let this kuku matter affect u !
* Really is dulan lo.

you: ignore her, seriously such people still exists in this civilised world? where has she been.
* Bah ):

WINNIE: walau, what kind of buyer is this siah?! haiz, open bs is lidat one. T_T
* If she is some random customer, nevermind. But she is suppose to be my friend !

yvonne: tat is indeed a veri bad fren!
* I don't think i'll treat her as friend anymore.

you: no i mean it, look at your photos! i think your bf is damn lucky. youre both cute and pretty and i thought bee-stung lips are what ppl wanted? HA. look at angelina jolie! im keeping my fat lips!
* Lol. I'll take it as a compliment ya ? Haha. But i still prefer the post-surgical AngelaBaby lips than mine.

rebecca: omg, she's gawd damn pretty and sweet lehhh ~!!!!! i wanna make my nose also xD hahaha
* Pretty right ? Haha. I think most Singaporean girls would like to do something to their noses. Most of us have button-nose. Haha.

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