Diet plan day 6

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Diet plan check, breakfast was wanton noodles, lunch was kfc - 2 crispy thighs and a medium whipped potato, and dinner was nothing.

Sorry for the lack of contents in MyTaintedWorld recently. My world solely revolves around school, tests, homework, missfayne, bookout, and the whole cycle just repeats itself again. Haha. Birthday in a week's time. So stay tuned to see what surprise Baby's got for me :D

Anyway, guess what i found,

This is so fucking hilarious. Any blind man also can see that my sales journal, is not !! This is not the first time already lah ! Sheesh.


Js: lala
* Haha. Lala what ?

timo: half a packet. lol. cause i finished the other half. haha
* Haha you know jiu hao. Keep stretching your hand over to take my preserved prunes during Study Skills. Fei si ni then you know.

xue: =p currently having exams, so i will only be in sch for 3 more days. >.< style="COLOR: rgb(255,102,0)">* Yea. I seldom see my RMIT friends around also.

timo: i look fat. ****, also must go diet le. haha
* Fei si ni fei si ni.

:D: Hey, how do you convert normal kilograms to lbs?
* There are several ways actually. You can google (for example: 45kgs into lbs) and you'll get the converted numbers. Otherwise, you can use this Unit converter here.

Leng: har? wad u mean leaked version? eh dun slim down le la.. wait wind come js mux hug u tight else u 1st one to fly.
* Leaked version means before the album is released, all the songs in the album are leaked out liao. Lol. No la won't fly. Still very heavy lah.

Winnie[:: yahh lor. why must slim down? u aldy v skinny le lor. i this kind then nid slim down, ahaha.
* 48/49kg is very heavy lae.

anon: how cum ur hair is str8 nw?
* I accidentally used Herbal Essence's Dangerously Straight shampoo ! Haha. On other days, i used the heat iron to straighten for fun :D

you: no way, those girls like look the supermodels who died from being too skinny. im serious! omg look at your photos? your arms are so skinny alr O.O
* Haha. I can never be contented with myself.

marilyn: xie xie ni ! anyway shann ah. u look jus nice now!!!!
diet somemore later bcum those "pai gu" liao.
* Welcome. Haha won't la.

caca: please dun be tempted, its not nice at all, look at mii, my hand are so skinny, doesnt look nice in anyway !!!!
* But i really like stick-thin arms and legs.

miemiemie: hahaha i know i know! i can never eat too much..its like i went back to asia and i got skinny again, but i want to be skinnier but i still eat a wth diet plan..i don't plan it. i just eaaaat. haha.
* But if i were to just eat, my weighing scale will burst ! Haha.

nessa: Dont go on diet!!! you look perfectly fine!!!
* Haha cannot la. I'm obsessed with stick-thin arms and legs.

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