Diet plan day 2

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Today's diet plan failed terribly. I had a crab mayo sandwich during my lecture break, 2 slices of garden vegie pizza for lunch, and a bowl of fishball soup for dinner. FAIL FAIL FAIL !

Anyway, my friend Marilyn is holding a BodyShop spree. Do support yea ? There will be a 20% off all non-promotional and regular priced items. To find out more, click here.


you: omg no please no! you really look fine the way you are, those girls are WAY too skinny.
* Haha. But those legs and arms are too nice to resist !

aDe: Omg.. Tat Ernest!! I din knw he took so many pics! LOL. N pls dun go on diet!! U're already perfect!
* Haha he took only 4 actually.

miemiemie: you are already skinny! but i know how you feel..i feel fat compared to girls in my country
* We'll never be contented. Haha.

caca: huhh, u seriously ?!!!!! i reali think u look just nice right now lehh, please dun go anymore skinny, !!!
* But those legs and arms are too nice to resist !

tongpui: nice blog u got :) though i can never get used to the sudden music playing.. never fails to make me whack the mute button i swear lol. but thats just me
* Heh. It's definately just you. Lol.

caca: zara kids, hahas, so cute luh u all =)
* We can wear size 13-14 actually !

peiRONG:: hey pretty ! your curl getting prettier ! xD
* They are getting looser already. Haha.

leng: char bo!!! i wan jay's music!!! send mi!!lolx..oppx..
* I have the leaked version. But the song titles very sala. You want ?

timo: haha. =)
* You ha what ha.

marilyn: hahas! old liao ! oya wanna get e belt from u. update me if there's stock yeah! ( any birthday discount? hahhahahhas! :X )
* Haha of course there is la. I will sms you if there are stocks (:

miemiemie: aww i hope you feel better soon though..
* I did (:

Xue: Hi! Im taking business management, majoring in business finance (sem. 3). Yup, amos has enrolled the same course as me. If everything's alright, he will be starting school in jan. =p
* Oh i see. But why don't i see you in school ):

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