Diet plan day 9

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's been 9 days since i started my 'diet' but i'm still stuck at plus-minus 47kgs. I tried to keep myself busy all the time - i studied and revised my work during my lecture breaks, i hog onto MissFayne and kept packing parcels. But all i ended up is munching and munching while working. Why oh why ?!?!

Diet plan check, breakfast was bread in peanut butter, lunch was 1/2 bowl of handmade noodles and calebee hot&spicy chips (SINFUL!!), and dinner was nothing.

No doubt i ate quite a handful today, but frankly speaking, i felt a great sense of satisfaction. Cause i managed to convince myself to skip dinner. I'll reply the tags either tomorrow or on Friday yea ?

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