Happy Mothers' Day

Sunday, May 11, 2008

out for dinner at Secret Recipe in abit

Took urgent leave today for my horrendous fever and sorethroat's ain't getting any better. I don't even have the appetite to consume anything luh ! Survived on purely medicines and ice water for the whole day.

But i can't skip the dinner with my parents just like that aye ? So we decided that we shall dine at Secret Recipe, where i can have grilled poultry for dinner. i was warned by Baby, strictly no heaty and fried food for me.

Anyway, please click on the RedNano.Sg advert at the top of this page yea ? As well as the Nokia advert over at MissFayne :DD

Anyway, i've got this Black flirty skirt for sale. Brand new, and never worn before at all !

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