Birthday Chapter 2

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

May is seriously a crazy month indeed, packed with birthdays after birthdays, events after events. And my poor lil bank account is squeezed to its driest again ):

First up, is Daddy's 50th birthday on the fourth of May. I had work but since it was Sunday, i get to go home at 6pm ! So i met up with the parents after work and we had a family feast at Suki Sakura.

Next up is my surprise visit at Farrer Park on the 5th. Lied to the boyfriend that we'll be celebrating 1 day later cause i've got work on the 5th. Wells, my main intention was to take a day off on the 5th so that i could celebrate B's birthday with him on the actual day. But unfortunately, 2 full timers were on annual leave so my day off was pushed to the 7th.

BUT, the cheeky me still surprised the boyfriend somehow ! :D

I claimed two hours from work and i left at 6pm. And i headed down to Farrer Park with my Chocolate-y surprise. I sneakily sneaked in like a burglar and to my surprise, Shenil only barked once and stopped after i did the 'shhh' thing to her. Then i sneaked into B's room, and SURPRISEEEEE !!

Last but not least, is the birthday dinner yesterday. Equinox could not give us what we wanted, so we decided to settle for Billy Bombers. We had Baby's long craved steak, my usual fish&fries, a party platter and their must-drink cookies&cream shake.

Check out his cheeky expressions !!

Filled ourselves to the max and silly me still want to go indulge on the Japanese desserts/ icecreams/ icekachangs/ whatever you call it, beside Billy Bombers. But i got stopped la, cause B was diverting my attention to my long-craved popcorns !

The time was still early by the time we were done with our dinner so we went to the arcade to kill some time. We played The House of The Dead, where i killed many victims (instead of the zombies) and died shortly after the game started. Yea i know i suck at it, HAHA !

Then, twas Iron Man at 0950pm before cabbing back to his crib. And despite the 2 of us being really worn out and sleepy, we could not fall asleep and was awake till 4am, where B finally ko-ed and i, still having my 2 eyes opened big big.

I don't know what time did i exactly fell asleep but by the time i woke up it was already 10 and the boyfriend is still sleeping. So i played some games on the psp, surfed the net, and B finally got woken up by his stomach's growls.

And and, guess what we caught after our lunch ?



Alrights, that was a lie i admit. The movie was not that bad though. There was quite a few laughing points which i find worth watching. But i guess the only reason why i watched it is because of Paris Hilton. Paris oh Paris.

Anyway, it just struck me in my head that,



waileng-angelawu: yer lo.. we nxt time mux wear mask le.. =X
* KANASAI. Talk behind my back somemore ?!?! Haha !!

o: how much do you weight then?
* It ranges from 45-47 :D

angelawu.leng: i agree with u lohz!!! she den siao char bo.. so nice still say herself got lj face den we gone le.... omg!!! =( -=SoBxSoBx=-
* Eh eh eh, don't talk behind my back ah. Haha.

yunting: is jaromes anything near shy before ? haha
* I SO AGREE MAN !! Ser had a big big big big change la ! Now that i recall.

siyingggg: gosh jeromes is like so not shy in the video, and CAN I HAVE THIS SONG PLEASE?
* It was nice seeing you at the foodcourt again that day ! Anyway, Yunting is so right. Since when Jaromes will shy one. Haha.

waileng: wad siao? lolx.. u dun believe u ask that princess lo.. she will agree... sighx.. im very bored.. hate working la.. hw on earth can u tahan 7 days a wk de work?!! pass mi some energy leh. =(
* Siao = brain got problem lo. I also hate working. Somemore mine is everyday stand for 8.5hrs kay ! Don't mess with me ah. Haha.

angelawu: shan u look a big diff from video n now!!! omg!!!! a swan!!!
* Lol. Check out my bug bunny teeth then man. So cute ! And simi swan ? No swan no swan. Still the same ol' ugly duckling. Haha !!

angelawu: i went for my chocs buffet le!!! LOL... omg i tell u within 3 days i spend 315 i spend @ fulerton around 150 on clothing@myphosis 85 and others
* Why you buy M)phosis's clothes ! Their material damn damn damn cui one lae. Aku tak suka. Haha.

winnie: haha, maybe go outside eat bah. also same one =D ur dad same bday as my mom lehh. lol.
* Yup i know. That's why i called your mum to wish her happy birthday ah. Amazing right, brothers and sisters birthdays fall on the same day except that they are born 2 years before and later.

zel: u can try outback.. they have good steak there.. and the portion's really big.. value for money!! haha :D
* The one which was located at Time2 Millenia Walk right ? I heard some bad reviews bout their food standard ): But anyway we had it at BillyBombers. Not that bad though.

marilyn: remind me of the aft-PE-mus-have-milo time ! lols :D
* Yea yea. And bread toasting ! So shiok !

steph8706: gal... when u free to meet up??
* Not so soon. My dayoffs for the month of May is all filled ):

Aldis: havoc. Cup noodles and diao-he! And those bugsbunny tooth! hahas.
* It's green tea for goodness sake ! We ain't that old to drink 钓鱼.

Dora: Hi, drop-by &say hello ;)
* Hi there and thanks for dropping by :D

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