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Thursday, May 15, 2008


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Barbie: Hi Huishan! I am Barbie :) I like ur blog, so girly, and the song Finally from Fergie. She's one of ma favorite artist ;)
* Hello there Barbie !

janet: does clinque work? it doesn seem to work for me =l
* Clinique does work for me. I used to have not-that-bad complexion then all of a sudden my complexion became like those of a witch's ! I tried many other products but Clinique is the one which saved my face !! Which product did you use ? Maybe you used the wrong skin type or something ? (:

marilyn: is okies !!! 25 may ! SIA interview we will not be REJECTED !
* I'm still considering if i should get urgent leave on 25th. My pay abit pathetic this month already cause that day Mothers' Day i took leave to rest. Haha.

angelawu: yoz... princess is here manz!!! wahah!!!! my pocket burn a big hole le!!!! shan u burn leng the pocket bahz!!! btw!!! dun be sad u still can apply next year this year bo bian work lohz or u try appeal
* Where got princess ? You ? My ass la can. LOL! I appealed already, but i don't think i'll stand a chance in NTU anyway.

waileng: shan.. dig out.. =) we shall let tat princess have a big hole in her pockets...=) Take care ya.. miss ya
* I miss you too ! You keep working working working la ):

zel: no more soccer for me.. can't keep up..><
* Why no more soccer ?

Js: GO MAN UTDDDDDDDDDD. 22nd may chelsea will matiiiiiiiiii
* Matiiiii. Haha.

angelawu: omg yang uforget it... js should yAng u... lol btw i'm ain't that siao char bo... zzz
* You are !

terence: happy belated mothers' day!
* You too (:

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