Title joy for the red devils

Monday, May 12, 2008

I woke up to Baby's sms of "Wigan 0-2 Man Utd. Man U champs woooo!" I was sick you see, so i slept at 9pm sharp. And i swear it's the earliest i've ever slept in say, 7 years ??

And so, the red devils clinched their 10th Premier League title last night after a dramatic final day of action which saw them pip Chelsea to the championship. Goals from Cristiano Ronaldo and Ryan Giggs gave United a 2-0 win over Wigan and ensured they retained the title, elsewhere rivals Chelsea drew 1-1 with Bolton.


meiting: thanks for the heads-up about that girl . I don't really care . she seriously has issues . too much time on her hands til she likes to poke her noses on other ppl's business . lol . n what 1st flight is to china . tell her read properly . I went china for holiday can . damn dumb omg . lol
* She just doesn't seem to let go of us la ! First it was her, asking me to 'go get a room', then it was blogging bout you on Hey Gorgeous, then now it's this whole SIA thing. Well, she seriously not only have problems with us, but also have problem comprehensing what she's reading.

marilyn: clicked ! click on mine too yeah !! :D
* Clicked (:

angelawu: fayne u better take care bahz!!! drink more water!!!
* I drink alot already !

marilyn: lols. my parents so wanted me to go fly lah !!!! keep asking me when m i going for SIA interview.. lols. kinda stress too if i failed the interview ):
* Well, you can still go for the interviews again if you fail. At least you get to go for the interview. I wasn't even the chance to. I really need to convince my parents ):

leng-angelawu: ha2.. wait shan pek chek man.. lolx.. we like machiam alwiz disturbing ppl's blog hor.. lolx.. scaly nxt time they remove our tags..=(
* I will never remove my tagboard unless got really weird people tagging (:

leng: sickening ling.. say my bad word! hrmph.. shan, faster find out tat MSN/SMS abt ling treating bens & jerry.!! i wan qiao tat charbo.. hee..
* Wa, 1 ask me to dig. 1 ask me don't dig. So should i dig anot ? Confusing lae you two.

angelawu.leng: can start our war over here.. flood shan tag box.. bomb her... lol..... wahahah!!!!! =PPP
* Siao char bor.

angelawu: shan nus will accept u de no worries.. at most go SIM lohz!!! omg!! lucky u nvr post out the msn or sms... LOL... treat that siao leng le!! wahaha!!!! =)))
* If they never accept you yang me my whole life ok ? Lol. SIM application close already. Haha.

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