Happy Graduation Chapter Two

Friday, May 23, 2008

Massive image raid. Haha, as promised, here's the images for Baby's and my graduation (:

Presenting, Baby's graduation on the 21st

And now, my graduation which was held this morning (:

The loved ones who stood by me at my worst times

The lecturers who made my gradution possible

OOAD lecturer, ENAD lecturer, FYP in-charge, Ms Chiang

Swen lecturer, Mr Nalaka

Careperson, GUID lecturer, Mr Jonathan Chee

Course Manager, Mr Lim

The fun-loving bubbly ones who made school interesting

doesn't we remind you of the wizards and witches of Hogwarts ?



elson liyao


huier eliza




Oh my. I took exactly 3 hours to edit and upload all these pictures. Luckily, i did this entry while B's dota-ing. And now i can finally reply the tags, and then hit the sack. I've still got work tomorrow ):

Happy Graduation Chapter Three, coming soon ♥


Aldis: nyp grad was super boring isn't it!
* Haha not that bad la. And it doesn't help when my boyfriend was the very last to go up on stage (excluding the merit holders) But then again, i was busy testing the camera, and cam-whoring throughout.

angelawu~huishan: i noe u are damed skinneyokie if not i also wun see the xiao ke ai liao.....
* I'm still not skinny enough okay.

angelawu~xoxo: u got watch gossip girl???
* Not too sure if xoxo watches but i do read Gossip Girl. Haha.

terence: the E8 looks stylish.. but motorola closing down their mobile unit liao leh.. ya lor
* If i'm not wrong they are only closing the mobile production in Singapore. Not the full mobile unit.

daphne: hi.. nice blog.. dropping by to say hi:)
* Thank you. You've got a nice blog too !

Jasmine: Currently am working. Waiting for uni to start. Jus graduated from poly like u :)
* Oh, which Uni ? I'm still school-less at the moment. So depressing. Haha.

janet: good luck with e applications! if you get in NUS, i'll bring you around? promise =)
* Yea yea. But it's likely that i won't get into NUS. How can a NTU and SMU reject be accepted by NUS ?

nicole: e8 good?
* Not that bad. But when i was testing it, i was not testing the finalized software and hardware version. So they might have made quite alot of changes to it, i do not know.

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