Sunday, May 25, 2008


If only my parents were more supportive in me flying.

If only...


marilyn: wa biang eh. the SIA ppl ask me come at sept. say is too early for me :X kns. lols
* You went today already ? How come Sept ? Means in June they are not holding the recruitment drive ? Haha.

zel: try SIM again.. the entrance is pretty easy.. unless u're trying for those specialty degrees..
* Why need to try again ? Haha, i only missed the application deadline, not rejected by them, YET. The lady say although i've missed the deadline i can still appeal to get in. And so i did, now waiting for their reply only.

cute: hai.. i click u r ads.. u can do that to mine.. thanks
* Clicked on your Google AdSense (:

Jasmine: haha. I think he knows me as Fong yee. Yea I know waileng too. I go by "Jasmine" online. =)
* Ooh he knows he knows ! Haha, from Class 1 or something right ?

superman: fayne! congrats! wer were u during the photo-taking?! :)neways, well done aight!
* I'm not too sure where was i. Nobody called me on my phone. I was so sad la. Am still very sad now though, haha !

steph8706: gal... how come ur mum dun allow?
* Not too sure. She's very against the idea of me flying. So i guess i'll just have to forget bout going for the interview.

marilyn: the black dress u wore on ur bf's grad day is it ebiza? hahas
* Nope. It's cassie. Haha.

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