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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Remember that 3 months ago i was having my attachment at Motorola ? I was assigned to the testing department and assigned this phone called E8. And guess what ? Now that E8 is launched, JAY CHOU is the official ambassador la !!


ht: u have nice skin but sunken face. lost too much wt? it doesn't look good
* Thanks for the compliment. But the sunken part was there back in secondary school, waaaay before i was weight-conscious. And it sunk even more when my jawline shifted during my orthodontic treatment.

Aldis: yay, when did i say i'm ****ing gd at everything. i'm not very nice. I'm always against huishan. =P
* I guess it's cause you always comment this comment that, that made people feel that you are trying to portray the "i am goddamn good with this, with that" kinda impressions.

winnie: the trailer got $$ one mah? lol. cos i got 2 (:
* The trailer is CPC. So only get money if there are clicks on it.

Jasmine: Lol. you wrote in your may 16 entry that your bf brought u back to Whampoa. That's how I know =)
* Oic. Haha. So what are you doing now ? Schooling or ?

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