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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Interview with SIM later at 2pm.

Blog and reply the tags when i'm back aye ?


Interview at UOL was quite uh-oh. The questions which i've prepared was asked, and answered brilliantly well. But little did i expect them to ask bout my family ! Everything went well till they heard that Mumsie's a housewife *Shrugs* They gave me a i think you can't afford the fees look.

Wells, if i really can't afford i won't even be present at the briefing and interview la ! And who says i can't afford the school fees. 老娘有的是钱 okay ! Haha. Guess i'll prolly not be shortlisted for enrollment already. It's high time i need to go seek for a decent full time job. Goodbye books, and hello office !

Anyway, Baby and i went to his sis's Graduation Show at Nafa thereafter. And i could not stop woah-woah-ing throughout the whole session. I kept nudging B, saying things like Eh i like this one. Eh i like that one. Wa, you see you see, soooo nice!

And, did i mention that i met up with Baby after work yesterday, to collect his phone and to catch Narnia at Cine ? Superb movie seriously. And i can't help but say that King Edward is so much cuter this time ! Heh.

And i'm getting so in love with GoJane footwear these days. So much so that i'm planning on opening a spree for it. And if i do, i get all of the above 4 pairs, haha ! But i guess i'll fall and break a limb or something.

I've done the maths, the total we'll have to pay will be - (total price in USD x 1.4) + (SGD3 x number of items) Anyway, $3 is just an estimated shipping charge for an item ya, so it MIGHT increase and topups will have to be made. There will be a 2nd payment to be made, if there is any additional shipping, postage, and handling.


Eileen: muack muack...gd luck
* Thanks muackmuack ! But i kinda screwed up the interview. So i'm not pinning much hopes on it already. But if i really heng heng get in, then we'll have chance to be classmates again in year 2 !

angelawu: hey, goodluck to you manz!!! jia you!!! all thebest
* Thanks man. But i kinda screwed up. So i'm not pinning much hopes on it already.

jiali: hey, i think you should take up the course! =))
* Woah, even Gladys also say should take, means really should take le. Haha. But anyway, i went for the interview as advised (:

angelawu: i think u should apply manz!!! since they are giving u such opportunities
* Yea yea. 宁可杀错 不可放过. LOL!

pearl: u will be working for the rest of the life, why dun study as much as u can now? learn more, know more, but the final decision still lies upon you hs
* That crossed my mind too. And after much thinking, i've decided to give the interview a try. If i am not shortlisted i'll start working. If i am shortlisted, then i'll go think if i should accept the offer anot. Haha.

zel: mayb u wanna try rmit or ub.. i m in ub..
* RMIT's project based. I don't really want that much of projects anymore ):
terence: yup. can gain some job exp lor. my gf also worked 1 yr b4 entering SMU :)
* Had thought bout it but i'll prolly lose the vibe to study after a year. Plus, i'm kinda of the more stupids ones so i won't get into SMU i guess.

marilyn: serious ah ! after my CT! we meetup for prawning !
* Yes yes, if i have off, we go prawn (:

steph8706: hahas... u had phtotshot already liao ma ^^V
* Haha, blog with the photos soon yea ?

anoy135: waaaa, u so old le, i dont think shs is able to control where u are going ritez =D
* Well, it's somehow not very good to go against your parent's will. Even till now i'm 20, i still seek for permission everytime i go out. I'm a very filial daughter kay. Haha.

leng: babe.. go for it.. got 1 more cert means one more key to the future. everywhere u go nw is cert.. @ least nxt time IT sian liao can change to econs industry n vice versa. if u cont working, 1 yr later, u haf 1 yr experiece. if u study, u got 1 more diploma. both will benefits u. but i will go for studying la. cuz studying is better den working. work, nxt time la.
* That is why i'm in sucha dilemma. But i went for the interview already anyway. Haha.

yunting: i second it too, econs will provide u a wider choice of career, and who knows maybe u will develop more interest in it then ur previous course?
* Yea yea, and it's much much more flexible cause i'll be taking Diploma in Econs in year 1, then in year 2 i can choose to further with other Business degrees if i do not wish to continue doing Economics.

Jo: hey. take up the course perhaps. its always better to be equipped with more certs in the working society now.
* True la. But anyway, i went for the interview as advised (:

steph8706: dun sadsad k... haha.... next time can still apply for SIA de =) smile
* Haa. Wait till my parents 想开 first.

marilyn: if 'm u , i will take up the course! sounds not bad!! :D
* Haha. 宁可杀错 不可放过 right. Lol.

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