Friday, May 9, 2008


OH SHEESH !! I'm bored to the max !! And i can't don't dare to bug the boyfriend cause you know boys, we'll easily be labelled as being too sticky if we were to text/call them when they're having fun. And what's worst is, the PSP with hidden somewhere in Farrer Park and not with me !!

So what shall i do after i reach home after work for these 3 days ? No baby to viwawa with me, no msn chats, no phone calls , no sms-es. Sounds like the boyfriend's already in the army, no ? Haha ! I'll call this the pre-army training :DD

Shall make use of these 3 shit-i-have-nothing-to-do nights to sleep early and kill my ugly eyebags instead, haha !


dru: elow there.. thx for visiting my blog... take care :D
* You're welcome. You take care too.

waileng: eh.. nt really woh.. i got friend got rejected by NTU but kanna accept by NUS and vice versa. 14th May v fast de. nw already 9th May le. Now worries. let's wait for NUS!!! anyway one of my friend told mi tat her aunt called NUS. n d person say tat those reject d already send out le. now they r processing JC ppl de. so we r d kind tat aft JC still got space den us. gt chance woh! but NUS de they tat time say tat thy process in batches. mm. dunno which one is real. nvm la.. dun care. mid may NUS de gotta out le. let's pray =)
* Wa, your tag sibeh long lae. But your friend de grades high lae. My grades is like sai lah.

jojo: jiayou yea girl ><
* I will :D

marilyn: okies ! 25may!!! (: :D:D hahahs!!! am excited !
* Me too ! But i'm still trying to convince my parents to let me go fly.

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