Birthday Chapter 1

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Shall blog bout the celebration another day yea ?? Anyway, i saw the following video at Yunting's blog. This was taken back in secondary 4, where we always stay in class during recess, making ourself cupnoodles and toasted bread. Yes, we have a toaster hidden in the class.

And the more i look at the video,


Haha, anyways, see if you guys can spot me !

*hinthint, i'mthe stupid dumbdumb who used tys to cover my noodles*


reader: hey! maybe you can consider an International Buffet? I heard Ritz Carlton's Greenhouse isn't bad. the seafood there are fresh. e ambience might not be as good as Equinox, but its still pretty romantic with the live music.
* Thanks for the suggestion !! I would love the live music, but boyfriend's craving for steak, haha. Do Ritz Carlton cooks good steak ??

manda: hmm... mayb u cld try again next year for his 21st? shld be more romantic and more significant?
* 21st will prolly be celebrated with his whole group of friends cause it's TWENTYFIRST. So yeap.

fionalex: hi, i saw ur previous post abt the dog as a master piece of art??? where is the place?? ong... i'm a dog lover... sad to see it..
* I'm not too sure where it is located but it's definately not in Singapore. I feel too disgusted to find out more bout it. I feel for the dog seriously.

winnie: aww ni hen swiit leh. haha. maybe u next time cook for him lor. haha. =)
* But he's craving for steak and can't cook good steak !!

zel: well.. its the thought that counts.. i think he might even like ur home-cooked food too..
* But he's craving for steak and can't cook good steak !!

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