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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Finally, i've finally received an acknowledgement from NUS that my application for admission was denied. Not surprising though. Now all i can hope for, is to get accepted by SIM. Not too sure if i've mentioned, i missed the application into SIM. So with the number Meiyan gave me, i called up to enquire and the person-in-charge told me that i can send in an email to appeal. I did so, but i've yet to hear any news yet. Such anxiety kills, doesn't it ? And to add on to my anxiety, tonnes of people in HardwareZone are getting rejected by SIM.

Will i end up to be like them and be the rejected one again ? If i do, i'll be stuck at this crossroad once again where i ponder upon my next move, the so-called future. I chose to study, but the universities ain't accepting me. I chose to attempt to join SIA as their cabin crew, but my parents are strongly against it and Mum would probably burn my passport if i were to go.


isha: hey dear, congratulations on your graduation! :D
* Thank you ! But it's nothing worth getting proud of cause i'm now stuck at nowhere once again. Haha.

Jasmine: I got into NUS... Btw I was in the same course as your bf in nyp Lol. So you might have seen me at graduation.
* You're from BI too ? Haha, but my boyfriend said he doesn't know any Jasmines. Or do you know who is Waileng ? Haha.

Aldis: i was the last of the last. So it got super boooring.
* Who ask you so smart get Diploma with Merit ? Haha.

janet: you haven got a rejection letter from NUS rite? You might just get in you know...SERIOUSLY, i have friends who got rejeected by both by get in NUS, it often differ per batch and what you choose
* I just checked the online application status and my application's denied. Apparently your friends were much smarter. Haha (:

zel: oh. ur bf frm nyp.. which course? i did my design dip at nyp..
* Business Informatics. Haha.

marilyn: eh finally ! congrats ! :D my grad ceremony mus wait til nxt yr ):
* I wish i can still school. I hate the fact that i am a university reject. I hate the fact that i need to start working already. I'm not the least bit prepared to step into the working environment !

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