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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


xoxo: y did u remove my tag? ima jus curious.y does ur fren aldis seem to haf a big problem wf everything?as if he is ****ing gud in everything.
* I deleted cause i do not want to stir up trouble. Well, he may seem to be always picking on me, but he's very nice actually. He's just being frank and straightforward.

janet: you graduating this year? after tat where you studying? or working??
* Yea. Graduating this May. I've applied for NTU NUS and SMU. But got rejected by NTU and SMU. I've appealed for NTU though. I missed the application for SIM though, and i've sent in my appeal too. So now i'm awaiting reply from NTU NUS and SIM.

angelawu: eh!!! u looks diff in the cheongsum
* Haha yea. It was still loose even if it's size S. Haha.

marilyn: oh.. erm. i havent print out my application form thou. lols.
* Haha i might go for the June one (if any)

Aldis: bad photographer. Your photos look damn "in-need-of-colour". Very very poor lighting. And his flash is over-powering. Must be cause he realised there's poor lighting.
* It was pouring when i had the shoot. And i am very lousy, thus the "bad" pictures. Why not you help me shoot la ! Then i'll have pretty pretty pictures, haha. I've edited the images abit more myself to enhance the colours even more already.

waileng: ha2... evil.. mm.. but really dun go hair extention first ba.. weather is crazy. i already feel like cutting my hair le.. gg crazy =(
* I won't cut my hair de. Just tie up lo. That's why i cannot rebond now. Cause cannot tie after rebonding.

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