Monday, May 26, 2008

I've finally received my letter from SIM. My appeal into BSc of Business was unsucessful. Haha, as expected. How can they allow someone who had forgotten to apply within the deadline to enter their school ?

But they were not that bad, they offered me a seating in this course which i did not even applied for - Diploma in Economics programme, whereby upon completion of the 1 year Diploma, i can progress to the degree with credit for four full units. By the end of 3 years, i would have obtained a Diploma and a BSc degree from UOL.

Sounds not bad right ! But a few things to consider. Why would i need 2 Diplomas for ? Will the extra Diploma be an advantage ? Or can i study 1 year in SIM for their Diploma, then apply local Uni next year ? Haha. So how so how ? Interview is on this coming 29th. Should i apply a day off for this or should i start working already ?


marilyn: yah lo. just go try oso no harm. if get in le then they really dun allow then at most dun sign the contract lo! :X:X
* But the thing is i'm not even allowed to go for the interview ! Haha.

angelawu: hey chilled there would always be a rainbow after rain.. so dun be that sad
* Haha i'm not sad. Just a lil depressing.

superman: aiyo! dont be sad k! feel guilty, if only got chance to search thorough enough... dang, ure hp no. is in my old phone sommore =/ .... but yeap, dun be sad aight ^^
* Sure thing yo !

anoy135: maybe you can just go and try out the interview yah (: Aneway its not 100% dat u sure will pass, just try and maybe your mum will allow after dat yeah
* But the thing is, she doesn't even allow me to go for the interview ! Haha.

cute: hi nice blog
* Thank you.

terence: congra on ur graduation!! 要找工作了。。
* Haha yea. Got rejected by all the Unis i've applied to. Maybe next year try again. Haha !

marilyn: not sure. but they told me to come at sept lo. partly cos of my Os eng result :(
* Oh i see.

Jasmine: haha. Yup.
* (:

isha: haha i know that feeling. hehe i still have don't have any work too,i have to pass this major exam first
* I hate my life, seriously.

angelawu: thx manz that pic of me really sucks!! fats!!! omg!!!!
* Haha !

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