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Monday, May 19, 2008

"Staff purchased" 3 pieces multi-coloured big pony KIDS polos at 40% off today ! 1 for Daddy, 1 for Mummy, and 1 for myself. Wanted to get another one for Baby since it's sucha deal, but they don't have it in his size ):

It's awfully scary to see a pretty-good friend of mine, slowly clone into another me. Like how in the world am i going to break the news to her that i got totally turned off by her actions ?

It's even scarier to find out that i've drained every single cent of April's salary ($961.00) when it's not even the end of May. I even ate into my next month's pay. Guess i'll have to survive on just bread and water la. Haha. That's the consequences of having way too many birthdays and events coming up one after another.

Gave my parents $100.00 each, Dad's birthday present & dinner $190.00, Baby's birthday present & dinner $121.24, Mothers' day present & dinner $259.05, CK Tangs Private Sale $211.00, Isetan Private Sale $166.00, 3 RL Polos $185.00, Donations to SiChuan Earthquake via Sg Red Cross Society $500.00.

Total damage for the past 19 days: $1832.29

*GASP* That's like $871.29 more than my last month's pay ! I've exceeded almost double laa, DOUBLE !! And all these does not include my travel and food expenses. OH SHEESH. I need to stop spending, like immediately ):

Anyway, i've received the images from my CheongSam shoot. I just don't look like myself la ! And my face looked sooooo tired ! Haha (:


steph8706: haha... poly life is good at times
* It's just the non-stop stacking of assignments that kills. Other than that, it's still okay. I've even had times where milestone 2 is out when the deadline of milestone 1 is still far far away.

Jasmine: Yup... Near the market.
* Yep i know where. Just don't know how your Grandma look like. Haha.

shaun: ur bf study nyp too? mine on 21st also,but at
* Yea. He's from BI. That's early ! My graduation is at 9ish too ! But at TP.

Aldis: blk 99 all the way near the market. :s
* Yup yup. Maybe you will know also. Haha.

Jasmine: Blk 99 :D
* I'll need to know how your GrandMa look like before i can determine if i know her. But block99 is pretty far in. So maybe i might not know, but definately have seen her before cause Whampoa is so small ! Anyway, how do you know i stay in Whampoa ?

waileng: icic.. eh.. u got do hair extention ar? i wan c!!!!!
* Nope i didn't. Think better not cause weather is too hot. And there's many deaths in the SiChuan Earthquake. You don't know who's hair you're getting now. Haha.

angelawu: 我好累啊!i just finish work den dinner den back home... teaching children is real tiring de manz!!! haha...老师de job is tiring!!! omg! today did u went to extend ur hair???
* Haha, think i'll just stick to being a Childcare attendant. Much easier job. And toddlers are cuter than children. And no i didn't go for extensions. Think better not cause weather is too hot. And there's many deaths in the SiChuan Earthquake. You don't know who's hair you're getting now. Haha.

janet: if got acne how sia?? =l
* Eh, that i'm not very sure eh. Haven't gotten real acnes before. Maybe you can ask those consultants at the counters ? Look for William at CK Tangs Clinique. He's good !

Aldis: there's only ONE Aldis in Singapore! So I'm Aldis.
* Zun bo ! 1 only ?

Aldis: you know grandmas? lol.
* Yes ! I even know how your GrandMa look like.

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