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Monday, August 18, 2008

Baby and i went shopping today ! Okay, to be exact, he was acompanying me to Giant Megastore to buy the metal detachable railings which i needed pretty urgently. Then i brought him over to Ikea for their famous hotdog bun followed by Isetan (Tampines) to get him a cap, just in time for army :D

That's us, in HweeKhim's signature pose (:

But if you've noticed, only B and his sis did the pose correctly. His mommy and myself were like coming up with our own poses >.<



nessa: Hello huishan! I can lend you my econ notes if you don't mind. Just learnt that=)
* I think the bridging notes and mine are more or less the same (:

Eileen to steven: can u dont disturb my friend!!!!
* Lol. Chill leen. I won't give him other chances to disturb me other than this tag board (:

caca: huishan! can i knw what font u use for uir banner advert ? thanks :D
* Hey rebecca (: The banner with the MissFayne words is it ? Its called LaurenScript (:

isha: hey just got the revlon liquid liner, its great! doesn't smudge, my eyes tend to be oily too. try it! you might have it in sing!:)
* Yea singapore does carry Revlon. But exactly which liquid liner ? Post the pic on your blog so i can see which is it :D Haha !

steven: yo.... wassup huishan
* Hi. I don't think i know you ? And we would all appreciate if you could stop disturbing Eileen. It definately sucks to receive morning sms everyday at 7 IN THE MORNING !

marilyn: wa finishing !!!! seems fun !!!! u two fish at bedok jetty ah ?
* Eh, i don't know is it Bedok Jetty eh. It's at East Coast.

popeye: GET AN ECONS TEXT BOOK!! john sloman, great author it'll help ALOT i swear! i took econs and that textbook helped me. cost 50 plus bucks tho, but its an investment? :D
* Hi. Thanks for the suggestion. But i was told that UOL don't study John Sloman's.

terence: share a good a news.. i am getting married soon! :D
* Oh my, congratulations !!

manda: Good luck for school!! =)
* Haha, thanks thanks (:

isha: aww..i know what you blackheads keep on coming back whatever you do!
* Ya ! And i really don't know how else can i remove/ reduce them other than squeezing twice to thrice a week. Haha. Squeeze till my nose red red. LOL.

readerJ: yup, i understand totally. just wanna understand how it works. thanks alot! have a greatday! =)
* So sorry bout it yah. You have a great day too (:

winnie: that show is super nice! haha. i cried alot. lol. $20 only? woah, thats cheap. ^0^
* Haha, i keep crying lo. But original price is more than $20 for sure. Mine became much cheaper cause i've got $200 plus de rebate ma. So i went to major restock on skincare products. Haha (:

NICOLE: its ok during premiere people were crying buckets.
* Hello (: Haha, were you one of those who cried ?

joanne: haiyo u lidat say i feltl v bad nor! smtimes i thnk bak i felt tat i v bad la smetimes late until~ mc arbo pt areplane hehe. y kdi beter? tot forum sia :/ yeah smtimes i look at drawings i'l rmb e times
* Iyoh, i purposely say to make you feel bad de la. Don't worry bout it yah ! Of course is KDI better. KDF got bartsbee lae.

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