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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's been a week since i last logged into Blogger ! Which is bad, so bad. Life got pretty mundane since school the prepartory workshops started. And now that my actual lessons had started and with Baby going botak in 17 days time, i can forsee my life going from bad to worse.

Friday was my last session of prep workshop and i met B in town to collect his pay cheque, as well as chill at Lido for a wee bit before heading down to Esplanade for the fireworks. But it was pouring so badly that we decided to give this year's fireworks festival a pass (we made a pact to watch them together every year btw)

Taken with his 5 MEGA PIXELS F480 cam (:

Saturday was spent at the LimeFlea. And it was pouring again ! Everything was fine and dainty when B and i reached *Scape at 11am for the setup. B even got customers right after he's done displaying his B4L tees (: But at around 12ish, it started drizzling and it didnt stop pouring till i left.

No pictures of the flea cause we were busy keeping our clothes dry, sheltering them from the heavy heavy rain ): Missed out the goodies at the flea due to the rain ? Fret not ! We've brought the flea online !!

post flea sales, here.

Anyway, remember i was complaining some time back bout how difficult it was for me to understand Econs ? Now i finally know why i could not comprehend what was taught during the prep workshop ! The lecturer was teaching one of the most tough chapters during the workshop and not start from scratch ! So of course cannot understand la !

Hokie, i'm off to pack the parcels for MissFayne. Stocks are running fast due to the very low flea-prices ! So act fast babes :D


isha: your welcome!:)
* Wheees (:

terence: monday blue.. start the week with a SMILE "加油"
* Haha. My monday wasn't that blue cause lessons is only from 830am-11am :D

caca: added u on msn, buahahah xD wants to get the rina halter dress !!!! When u are online, msn mii yeah =)
* Msn-ed !! Hope you'll like Rina Halter (:

jonathan: why is capt called jacjac?
* It's his petname at Kids21.

jo: haha the bartsbee~! wonder if she's still a crocodile who snatches everything! lol hey whn u at KDI how are the ppl oppsite le? stil lookin uh?! LOL
* Of coure she's still the big croc la ! Misliana calls her the monster. And and regarding the RL people opposite, they still stare but stare less already.

yunting: i use body shop's warming mineral mask and it get all my blackheads off everytime
* Really ? How much is it ?

winnie: ya lor! i tot is your fren or smt at th 2nd pic top right. haha. doesnt look lyk a mom lor. o.o haha. 20+ arh? can tel me th products? i maybe go buy. LOL.
* Haha yea the top right is his mum. It's around $30-$40 i can't remember. They are the 7day scrub, 15mins turnaround peel, and pore minimizer refining mask. I remember seeing the sample-size ones, retailing at less than $10 at Sasa. Maybe you can buy the sample-size ones first and see if you like Clinique. If you really like and it works for your face, then you buy the full-size ones :D

caca: okay dokay ^^v tq !!!
* Welcome :D

isha: okay,will post it today :) hehe
* Thanks so much (:

frequent reader: thats your bf's mom?! i thought was your friend or smthng!!! OMG HAHA
* Yup that is my boyfriend's mum. His mum is really young (:

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