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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Day one of school was fine. And the world is so so small ! Apart from Adeline, whom i met during the interview, i met Jiamin from Beatty, and B's secondary school classmate SiewFong as well ! I was pretty shocked when Siew Fong asked if i was B's girlfriend. What shocked me more was that Siew Fong already recognized me during the interview in July.

I had my very first Econs lecture today, and it was TOUGH. I had no problem absorbing during the first 45 minutes of the lecture - Utility graphs, budget lines yada yada, but the rest of the other 2 hours where i was taught the more important stuffs like income effects and substitution effects, i was totally wasted >.<

Any kind souls out there to teach me this particular chapter of Econs ?

And and, Baby and i went fishing today ! It is the first time i really fished, and i caught 8 tiny fishes ! Okay i didn't really fished cause the fishes came swarming to me the moment my line hit the waters.

i ADORE my curls ♥

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