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Monday, August 11, 2008

For the past 20 years, i spent my 9th Aug at home, eyes glued onto the telly, watching the annually held National Day Parade. But this year, i spent it with guilt cause i was watching/ laughing/ crying at,

Money Not Enough 2 with B and his clique, followed by hongkie cuisine at HongKong Cafe (: I swear i cried a bucket during the show man, and i can't believe i was the only one who was sniffing in the cinema !!


aDe: 1 more day to sch!! Hehe..
* Yes ! Sms me the time and place to meet k. Haha (:

readerJ: hi, just wondering where do u usually get ur supplies from for your online biz? do u source them online? or overseas? or do u hav a local supplier? i know its a sensitive issue to be disclosed, but i'm new to this biz. wanna research more before i venture into it. TIA! :)
* Hi. The co-owners of MissFayne sources for goods from both online and offline, and we have suppliers locally and overseas as well. We seek your understanding to us not revealing much but with effort and perserverance, your shop will somehow succeed.

isha: haha lucky bf he had free facial!
* Haha. But he doesn't take care of his face ! The blackheads that i've painstakingly squeeze out, had grown again ):

winnie: woah ur bf have almost flawless skin! haha. btw, those 3 tubes ryte, how much are they? o.o shld be v ex.
* Lol. Where got flawless ? Later he read le he fly sia. I can't remember how much were they already eh. But when i buy the pore-refining mask, it does not cost more than $20 cause i used my CK Tangs rebates.

isha: there are nice reviews on the bobbi brown gel eyeliner, its pricey though.,.haven't tried it hehe
* Yea, very good reviews, but it costs 82 Sing dollars for the eyeliner set !! The set includes a brown gel eyeliner, a black gel eyeliner, and a brush.

Lynn: Show photos of your new hair! I wanted to get a perm, but difficult to find a salon that i trust. haha!
* Haha i will, very soon (: I'm in those bad-cam day recently. Haha.

joanne: so whr did u prefer working at? forum or kdi? lols. m i such a big influences! ^^ bt i thnk i v bad la keep late n mc. hee anw i still keep ur drawings n 'love' notes nor! ahaha
* Of course is Kdi la. Somemore your mc is cause the previous night went to yo-ah-yo lo. But it doesn't matter if you're bad influence or not cause never was i late before ! I kept your 'buddha drawing' and all too ! Haha.

Js: omg why u show everyone my no make up face. =D
* You got put makeup de meh ??

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