Dove Hair Fall Rescue : part 1

Saturday, June 23, 2012

If you're facing hair fall problems like me, then this is one post that you shouldn't miss. The weather in Singapore has been extremely nasty lately and cause my hair is really THICK, i decided to just ponytail/bun it up together with my fringe since my fringe is long enough. Like this ->

And as i was combing my hair today, i actually feel that my hairline has significantly shifted backwards ! OH MY HORROR ! Merely 1 year more to hitting the mid twenties crisis and i'm suffering from hairloss already ? Then by the time i'm 30, ain't i gonna turn bald ?!?!

I know i haven't really been taking good care of my hair - i always blow dry my hair, i colour my hair like 2-3 times a year etc etc. And also not forgetting environmental factors like over-exposure in the sun. How to have silky shiny hair right ?!?!

But here's some GOOD NEWS ! Dove has a hair fall remedy to share !!

Dove found a revolutionary technology and Dove is the first beauty brand to have a product that helps prevent hair loss FROM ROOT TO TIP ! This newly launched Dove Hair Fall Rescue Treatment series contain Trichazole Actives, which is scientifically proven to prevent natural enzymes from breaking down the follicle glue which binds the hair to the scalp. In other words, the Dove Hair Fall Rescue Treatment helps nourish and strengthen hair on the scalp for longer ! And the best thing of all ? TWO WEEKS ! One can see visible results in JUST 2 WEEKS !

Dove is giving away free Leave-on Intensive Hair Tonic starter kit !!

Visit the site now to inspire others (or be inspired by others) and stand a chance to win these awesome products from Dove ! There will be 2 lucky winners each week and the most inspiring stories will be given a full set of Dove Hair Fall Rescue Treatment series !

I've shared my story with Dove. So what are you waiting for ? Click here to join now !!

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