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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I've been wanting to eat clean and since i wanna try to shed some weight before i head to hongkong, this is the best time to practice clean eating a.k.a #projecteatclean. I have like exactly 12 days to cleanse and detox before i influx my body with all the toxins again.

I did some research and found that here in Singapore, Fortune Centre (located at Middle Road) actually has the highest concentration of vegetarian eateries within a single building. After much reading and comparing, i decided to sample the highly raved New Green Pasture Cafe mainly because it is an organic vegan eatery. Organic + Vegan = Must Try.

The first thing i noticed about New Green Pasture Cafe is its atmosphere. The overall layout is unpretentious, cozy and homely. I took a peek at their menu and i was presented with an extensive range of cuisine. Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai - you name it, they have it. But do note that they do not serve everything on the menu. They put up what they are serving for the day on the walls and you'll just choose from there instead of picking it off the menu.

Price wise, i think its fairly reasonable. Everything i ordered and will be reviewing today cost less than S$10. I wouldn't say that their price is cheap cause i've found a few other vegan eateries that serves organic vegan food as well but for an even lower price but i do feel that the kind of quality and taste that New Green Pasture brings is enough to offset the price difference. Dish portions were also adequately sized. I had my lunch at 1pm and its already 5pm now and i am still pretty full from lunch.

In my honest opinion, everything we tried today are above average, if not, excellent. We ordered (1) Soba Salad (2) Brown Rice with Herbal Soup (3)Sri Lankan Roll

Soba Salad S$8.50

Don't qualm at the look of this cold dish with a bunch of grass mixed together. Served with generous amount of greens, the Soba Salad consists of shredded red cabbage, lettuce, carrots, seaweed, watercress, pomelo, orange zest and crunchy brown rice crackers topped with molasses. I asked for lesser molasses cause i didn't want my Soba Salad to turn out too sweet. I think i tasted mint too but i'm not too sure. The whole dish has this sweet and citrus-y taste to it making it a very refreshing item to consume in hot countries like Singapore.

Initially i wanted to order the Korean Bibimbap but Sophie (the owner) advised that it will be too overwhelming for Momsie and myself and suggested that we order the Soba Salad instead. And sure enough, it's really awesome and i'll definitely order it again on my next visit. Just look at how clean my bowl is !!

Brown Rice with Herbal Soup, S$9.00

Momsie ordered this and i didn't get to try it cause i was too engrossed with my Soba Salad and by the time i was done with it, i was too full for anything else. However, judging from the fact that she keep praising their mock ribs, i think i kinda missed a good deal but it's okay, i'll probably try this out on my next visit and do a review on it.

Last but not least, the Sri Lankan Roll, S$7.00

When i took my first bite into the Sri Lankan Roll, i was appalled. Enclosed within the thin and crispy tortilla wrap is a combination of juicy mushrooms, tofu and fresh crunchy greens soaked in rich and creamy curry sauce. Topped with a dollop of sweet vegan mayonnaise, i proclaim the Sri Lankan Roll the best vegan roll i've ever had. Not exaggerating, but it's really really awesome and it doesn't even taste like vegetable curry. On a side note, if you're one who dislike the heavy curry taste, then i would advise you not to take this dish ^^

All in all, food were delicious and extremely healthy in my opinion. One just gotta check this place out if you haven’t already.

New Green Pasture Cafe
Fortune Centre
190 Middle Road #04-22
Tel: +65 6336 8755
Sun to Tue: 11am – 8pm
(Closed on Mon)

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