Sunday, July 29, 2012

Are you ready for Day 2 of Hong Kong ? Like any other days, the day started with breakfast at Australia Dairy Co which is just a stone throw away from our hotel. The menu consisted of only 3 different sets which were served at different timings of the day. B and I ordered a breakfast set each, and I ordered an additional steamed egg curd to sum up my breakfast. The breakfast set comes with their famous macaroni with ham, scrambled eggs, toast, and a cuppa hot milk tea or coffee. Everything for only a mere HKD26.

If you haven't noticed, their serving is rather huge and if I remember correctly, I couldn't finish the macaroni and scrambled eggs yet B and I felt really full until 8pm or so in the evening without even feeling a least bit hungry.

After a hearty breakfast, we strolled back to our hotel to wait for our pickup to Disneyland. Camho-ed while waiting for our pickup.

It started drizzling just before our driver came to pick us up (thus the pout face in the above photo) and then the sky just got darker, and darker, and darker, and darker, and typhoon Vincente No.3 decided to hit us just when we arrived at Disneyland.

Hello Dis-rainy-land !!

Disney closed all outdoor rides as typhoon No.3 was hoisted so we made our way to the indoor mini roller coaster - Space Machine.

This ride gave me a mega blueblack on my left thigh. Roller coaster rides were never my thing but I decided to ditch my fear aside this time round and gave the Space Machine a try. It was fun albeit scary but if you were to ask if I would like to take the ride again, I wouldn't really want to take it again.

Some other rides that we took along the way. It's a pity that the new Grizzly Gulch ride is closed due to the typhoon as well. Looks like so much fun !!

We explored the park further and saw the teacup ride which I initially wanted to take but again, was closed due to the typhoon. Sigh.

Ice cream despite the thunderstorm.

We continued exploring the park, took photos with the Disney characters and then came 430pm and with typhoon No.10 approaching, Disney was made to close early and we left the park (without my anticipated fireworkds)

Outfit of the day. Ribbon blouson from MissFayne. Denim highwaist shorts from Smexy-Lexi. Oxfords from Bugis Street. Cardigan from FEP.

I actually took more photos at Disney so if you are keen, you can pop by my Facebook here to view all of them. I am still in the midst of uploading the photos so you might not be able to access it but I will inform you guys once it's up and ready for viewing.

Since we still have half the day left, we decided to head down to Citygate, where all the outlets are located. Citygate is linked to Tung Chung MTR which is just a few stops away from Disney station. Bought slippers to change into and shopped a little at Esprit before all the shops started closing due to the typhoon. Looking at how everyone is closing for the day, we were worried that we have nowhere to have dinner so we dropped by their supermart and stocked up on instant noodles and lots of soda.

But we were quite lucky cause the japanese restaurant just below our hotel is still open. It felt like a gift from heaven ! We ordered a cuttlefish bento set and a few sushi and sashimi to share. I was too tired to take photos of our dinner but do stay tune to HongKong Part 4 cause we did go back to the restaurant for another meal before we return to singapore again.

Returned to the hotel as early as 9pm to take a hot shower, dry our soaked shoes and slap on a facial mask, hoping to chase our dampened spirits away.

Places covered - HongKong Disneyland, Citygate

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