Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hello everyone !!

As promised, here's my HongKong post ! Very hardworking right ? Returned on the 27th and today I'm blogging already. It was a disastrous trip (like literally) but despite all odds, we managed to cover everything we wanted. My only regret is that we couldn't catch the fireworks at Disneyland cause Typhoon No.8 was raised, with No.10 approaching and Disneyland was made to close early at 430pm.

Regrets aside, here's Day 1 for you.

HongKong is about 3.5-4 hours away from Singapore, and we had an awesome timing flight on Sunday morning at 7am. B and I reached the HongKong airport at about 11am, bought our HK phone card and we headed to our driver who will pick us to our hotel.

It didn’t take us very long to reach our hotel - Largos Hotel. One thing I really like about our hotel is its location. It is extremely near to Jordan MTR, like at most a 1 minute walk away via Exit B2. It is also near a handful of famous Cha Chan Teng that serves cheap and generously portion breakfast.

Outfit of the day. Mint spag top from Cotton. Flora skirt from Cotton On. Oxfords from Bugis Street. Cardigan from FEP.

Check in time was supposedly 2pm but the nice hotel staffs allowed us to check in as early as 1230pm. Our first stop of the day was lunch at Mak's Noodles. Yucui was telling me that I ABSOLUTELY HAVE to eat wanton noodles in HongKong if not it would not be considered as having been to HongKong.

Two words - Zero Regrets. Yucui did preempt me that their portion is relatively small compared to the ones served in Singapore so I wasn't too surprised when my noodles was served.

I always go for the classics and hence I ordered their wonton noodles and B ordered their beef brisket wanton noodle as recommended by the staff at Mak's. The broth was hearty, albeit slightly salty. Shrimp wantons were fresh, huge and extremely succulent. Beef brisket were also extremely soft and tasteful you could almost taste the collagen in it. The main highlight was the noodles which were surprising springy and al dente.

To me, a meal is never complete without desserts so after filling our tummies with Mak's noodles, we headed to the nearby Hui Lau Shan for some desserts. Hui Lau Shan is famous for their mango desserts and it's amazing how refreshing and thirst quenching their mango puree is despite it's thick texture.

Thereafter, we proceed to Argyle Centre which everyone told me is a must go. I was told we will be able to find extremely cheap clothes and accessories at as low as HKD20 ! Simply take the MTR to Mongkok, and exit via Exit D.

I was super excited to visit Argyle Centre but I was also equally disappointed when I left the mall cause I did not manage to buy anything at all ! We spent hours in the mall and I only spotted a red suede Celine inspired Boston bag going at HKD450 and I managed to haggle till HKD330 but I still decided to give it a pass cause I can easily get the same thing online at a much lower price. So Argyle Centre is not THAT cheap imho. Everything was going for at least SGD30 after discount/ haggling.

Despite the disappointment, we found a stall in Argyle Centre that sells yummy cold noodles and snacks. Their garlic chilli is the bomb man. I ordered their original cold noodles (HKD3) topped with octopus (HKD3) and garlic chilli and B ordered a skewer of octopus (HKD6). Both packets add up to a mere SGD2 in total ! Damn cheap, and not to mention, super super super delicious. We wanted to return again on another day for round two of 百味食品 but we never got the time due to the Typhoon No.8 which I will talk about it again in the next post.

We then raided Ladies Street, Goldfish Street, Garden Street and we bought a few snacks along the way - Gongcha, grilled cuttlefish, braised cuttlefish, pineapple buns etc etc.

We also found this place, a bridge in fact that's somewhat like the Lucky Plaza or Wisma of Singapore. I am assuming they are all maids though I could be terribly wrong.

And since it is still pretty much early and we're done with our list for Day 1, we decided to head to the Avenue of Stars which was initially scheduled for Day 3 and we were extremely thankful that we did that cause our plans for the next few days were totally screwed up due to the typhoon.

We then headed back to Jordan and had Yoshinoya for dinner cause it started to pour very badly and we were too lazy and tired to travel. Never knew Singapore overpriced our Yoshinoya that much. We order 2 beef bowls + 2 iced peach tea + 1 beef soup (HK portions is way bigger than SG portion) and the total bill adds up to less than SGD10 !

Places covered - Mak's Noodle, Hui Lau Shan, Argyle Centre, Ladies Street, Goldfish Street, Garden Street, Avenue of Stars.


On a side note, we bought a photo frame at the Avenue of Stars and planned to take a professional photo at one of the pushcarts but because of some lady and her 3 daughters, who kept complaining that their photos turned out fat and ugly yada yada, the sky started to drizzle and the guy was unable to take our photos. Shall not mention the country but I think you guys should probably already know. I mean c'mon, if you are on the meaty side, no matter how many shots you take, you will still look meaty. A camera captures the truth. So either you accept the reality that you ain't as skinny as you think, or practice the angle so you will look slimmer and not spend 15 minutes in front of the computer debating with your kids which photo to develope ! Either that, or you develope both photos !

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