Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Thank you for your patience for past 3 days ! I know some of you aren't really interested in what I did in HongKong but I had kind of made a promise to myself that I will pen down my trip for memory sake so ya, here is Day 4 for those who are interested.

Outfit of the day. Kinda mismatched but I brought too little clothes for the typhoon so just gotta bear with the fashion disaster. Beaded collar balloon blouson from City Plaza. Polka dot high waist shorts from Bugis Street. Fitflops from Quiksilver.

Typhoon Vincente has finally left HongKong and we headed to my long awaited Ocean Park. We woke up later than planned and instead of having breakfast at one of the cha chan tengs, we grabbed the tarts we bought the day before and snucked them into the Ocean Park.

Since the sky is still clear of rain albeit dark, we rushed for the cable car ride.

Evidence of my fear of height. But not bad right ? Still can fake a smile and pose for a photo. But look at my face the moment the shutter went off !! Fears aside, I had to admit that the view from the cable car was spectacular.

The first ride we B took was the Hair Raiser. I am never a fan of such thrilling rides so I chickened out at the last minute.

After which, we went to see the jellyfish, sea otters, artic fox, polar bears, penguins, pandas, monkeys, fishes, fishes and more fishes, and we left the park for round 2 of Citygate shopping.

I know this sounds insane but we actually grabbed McDees before heading to Citygate and we were taken aback by how cheap their McDees are ! I had a 6 piece nuggets meal for only HKD21 ! They were having some HelloKitty plushie promotion there too so I made B get 1 for me. Say HELLO to my extremely cute Wizard of Ox kitty.

Dinner was back to the tasty and cheap Japanese restaurant that I've mentioned in HongKong : Part 2 and we ordered 6 salmon nigiri, 2 prawn nigiri, 2 ni hotate nigiri, 4 baby abalone gunkan, 2 lobster mayo salad gunkan, and a cuttlefish and brinjal tempura bento set to share. The cuttlefish bento is only HKD42 ! Cheap right ?! Like where in Singapore can you get Sushi Tei standard bento but only at SGD7 ??

After dinner, it's desserts at Hui Lau Shan again. I can never get enough of their mango desserts. Why don't they have a branch here in Singapore

Places covered - Ocean Park, Citygate

*disclaimer* gifs/emoticons in this entry are taken frm Kari

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