Wednesday, August 1, 2012

In the blink of an eye, it is Day 5 already ! As it was our last day in HongKong, we woke up exceptionally early and went to queue for Tim Ho Wan. Everyone has been raving about this michelin 1 star dimsum house.

The shop opens at 10am and because we I didn't want to waste the remaining of our HongKong time queuing, we reached the shop at 830am, hoping to be the first 20 to be seated in the first seating. Fortunately, as it was pouring, not alot of people were queuing and we were actually the second in the queue.

But somehow, I find their dishes mediocre. I guess the only items that are up to the standard of the michelin star is their crispy polo bun and glutinous rice dumpling wrapped in lotus leaves. Many had raved about their beef balls but both B and I find the balls a tad too tender for our liking.

Just when we thought that our unluckiness has left us for good, we received a call from Cathay that our flight (which was supposed to take off at 1am later in the night) has been cancelled and rescheduled to an earlier flight at 810pm. That would mean that instead of checking in at 11pm, we have to check in at probably 6pm. That would mean a good 5 hours gone just like that !

After breakfast, we rushed for some last minute shopping, mango dessert, wife biscuits for the family and friends (which got damaged unfortunately) and it was pouring like crazy, le sigh. We also headed to Tsim Sha Tsui, hoping to have our photos taken at the Avenue of Stars since we didn't managed to get a shot at our previous visit (read here), but it started to pour AGAIN.

And then, it's back to home sweet home !

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