Hermès The Gift of Time

Sunday, August 12, 2012

This August, Hermès celebrates The Gift of Time - A precious ingredient in the creation of an Hermès object. Designed by Hilton McConnico, this travelling art installation encourages visitors to explore the notion of time in its various forms. Debuted in HongKong West Kowloon in June, followed by Singapore in August and it will continue in France Lille thereafter.

I came to know of this exhibition only today, which is the last day of the exhibition. Gotta count myself lucky. And so, B drove us down to Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, where The Gift of Time exhibition was held.

We begun our time journey at the origin of time, represented by a sun dial moving in an anti-clockwise direction. The horses by the side of the sun dial symbolises Hermès first ever customer - for there wouldn't be Hermès without horses.

Room number 1 - Origin of time

Room number 2 - Free time

Room number 3 - Time suspended

Room number 4 - Time balance

Room number 5 - Stroke of time

Room number 6 - Imaginary time


With that, I end my entry with a momento from Hermès .

*disclaimer, some photos were ripped off google cause S3 pulled a stunt on me*

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