Monday, September 28, 2015

If you are like me travelling to a snowing country to experience real winter for the first time, I totally understand how you feel. It will be about 3 to 7 degrees when I am in Korea so God bless me please. People are all telling me that winter in Korea is BITTER COLD. I have been to Taiwan during their colder seasons but of course it is nothing compared to what I will be facing in two months time and I hope whatever that I will be able to withstand the chills come December.

The lowest I had in Taiwan was 13 degrees and to be very honest, I struggled a lot to keep myself warm cause I was in a freaking short gown during the shoot. I thought I packed well during my visit to Taiwan but there were days when I actually struggled with even 16 degrees and I am in my coat and inner wears. So this time round, I am definitely going for even thicker outwears with better long johns. Note to all, UNIQLO's heat-tech inner wear does not work quite well for me in Taiwan so I don't know if I should still waste luggage space to bring them along. They ain't too heavy/bulky though.

There, the wind was literally blowing right into my bones.

So here's what I am planning to bring for my upcoming Korea trip - 2 sets of longjohns // 3 pieces of heat tech tops // 5 pieces of knit tops // 2 pairs of fur lined leggings // 1 pair of jeans // 2 pieces of scarves // socks // lounge wear // my fake winter boots I bought from TaoBao for Taiwan. I don't know if these are enough though.

Anyways, I just checked out the following from Taobao. I know I am kinda slow but I am finally using Taobao's direct shipping and/or appointed forwarder instead of using an agent or our own (okay, no more our own cause I have left my company) GFS china to freight my purchases. Here's what I bought.. I will probably do a review when my items have arrived. Can't wait !!


  1. I am in S.Korea now, been here for 5 months. I am from the US so expecting it to be like NY or Chicago weather. I didn't bring any winter clothes besides a silk thermal and a few long sleeve tops and scarves so have to buy a lot. Have a pea-coat and been looking at Unîqlo's selection. Good to know that it's not so great but may try out some things. Mostly shop at Forever 21 and H&M, also Bang Bang. It's only started getting chilly here recently as I've started to ask people how the floor heating works, lol. Have fun! Going to Seoul?

    1. Oh dear, sorry for the extremely late reply. Yes I went to Seoul but I kinda felt cheated by the weather forecast. When the forecast was around 4-5 degrees, I wore slightly thinner and I was freezing. When the forecast hits minus degrees, I wore slightly thicker and I started sweating LOL.