Thursday, September 17, 2015

In case you haven't realise, Oppa and I are officially married !! Today is day two of post ROM and I hope Oppa is not gonna be too sad to hear this but honestly, things are still pretty much the same. We still have to report for work the following day and life still goes on. Nothing has changed other than our marital status and my "surname". On a side note, I am still keeping my surname though. I do know of some friends who changed their surnames once they are married but Zhong-Tin Huishan sounds weird so I am keeping my surname. 

Anyways, we were kind of lucky to have an unexpected long weekend cause polling day was Sep 11 so instead of having a 4 day long weekend (we took day offs on the 14 and 15 Sep for our ROM) we had like an additional day off, all thanks to polling day ! Back to my ROM, we decided to just hold the ceremony at the registry itself so that it won't be too rush on the matrimony day in December.

And we couldn't been more than lucky cause.. We found money on the floor !! We are like literally qiang qian fu qi man.

And here's a snippet of what happening throughout our ROM.

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  1. you look pregnant in your rom dress. r you pregnant?