Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Today's post will be all about finding the perfect venue for your wedding reception. Researching on wedding venues can be quite a pain in the ass. Your options are virtually endless – especially when you have no idea where to start from. With all the amazing banquet halls, country clubs, and reception halls, you start to find yourself never been so loss in your dreams of a perfect wedding.

What should you do ?

Decide On Your Wedding Budget.

First and most importantly, decide on your wedding budget. Perhaps like us, you can’t afford the lavish hotel banquet halls, but don’t underestimate the potential of an average simple ballroom. With the right decor and lighting, any simple wedding halls can be transformed into amazing wedding venues. Our budget is relatively low. I am not keen on the idea of spending a fortune for a one-night event – even though it is once-in-a-lifetime. But somehow, we still had to fork out quite a fair bit for the reception.

We would very much prefer to save the money for our house renovation, after-marriage life and all. Maybe I am not the type of dreamy-princess-who-wants-the-perfect-wedding. Ok deep down I do but I also place practically over dreams. Practicality is boring, but it definitely works in life.

Know What You Are Looking For.

Having a theme or style in mind is important. You wouldn’t want to host your wedding reception in an Oriental hotel if you are looking at something Vintage or English, even if it may only be half of your budget. 

Shortlist Your Preferred Hotels.

So, with these two points in mind, I have shortlisted a few hotel ballrooms that are affordable and fits what we are looking for – simple with a touch of elegance. Also, we have our guests’ accessibility in mind. And with that, I have decided on a hotel in considerably the heart of Singapore.

Finalising On Our Wedding Recep Venue

Yes, we have found and confirmed our wedding banquet venue way back in October 2014. The wedding reception will be held at the end of this year – 13th December 2014, Sunday. It is good if you can confirm your venue early so that you don't have to worry about the venue come your wedding year. However, do note that some hotels do not provide the price list that early, and you may have to top up $1-200 for booking a year ahead. Do communicate with your reception coordinator.
The initial coordinator (before we made our confirmation) we had was young and unprofessional. But as we really liked our location, we still went ahead with the booking confirmation but on the condition that they swap out our coordinator. I shall not disclose much on the details online but if you are really keen to know, you may drop me an email and I will fill you in the details. All in all, the entire process is still pretty good, except for the little hiccup with the previous coordinator.

On a side note, we initially wanted to hold our solemnization on the same day, just before our reception, but we figured it might be a little too rush for us so we decided to hold our solemnization on an earlier. That being said, it means another hunting journey for solemnization venue, yada yada. So, in order to keep things short and simple, we opted for the solemnizing at the ROM itself. And yes, the date is fixed as well. So yay to another item off the checklist !!

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