Monday, December 14, 2015

Okay, and so I just ended my wedding reception yesterday few hours ago. For those who are smart enough, you would have guessed that this is a pre-scheduled blog entry. Yes you are right, this post was written more than 6 months ahead, on Vesak Day holiday. I have been dying to share with all of you the full set of my wedding photos since the day I got them through Bluebay's FTP but I guess I should probably wait till the entire event is over before showing them all to you.

Can't gush enough over all the beautiful images, and I am really thankful to have chosen Bluebay for our pre-wedding photoshoot. I have actually previously written about the experience and behind-the-scenes HERE, hope it is helpful for those who are considering Bluebay for their pre-wedding shoot (:

If any one of you has any inquiries about Bluebay or any wedding stuff at all, just drop me a comment or leave me an email or anything !


For all wedding updates, please follow #JSxHSwedding.


  1. Hi Can share with me who your PG?

  2. hi...how much did you spend for this tw pre-wed photoshoot? did you also sign up for the AD?

  3. Oh my goodness, this full wedding shoot looks fantastic. I am just in love with each and every shot. Look at the weather! It is awesome. At one of the event locations in LA we also want to have a romantic pre wedding photo session in next month. We hope that the weather will cooperate with us.