2015 ROUND UP.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

It's NY eve and it's time for the year round up. People usually post resolutions but I haven't done it for quite a few years cause I never stick to them anyways. 2015 has been nothing short of emotions and milestones. It isn't the best/worst sailing year but it is definitely one of the most memorable years I had in the recent years.

My 2015 in chronological order..

I spent my last CNY as Ms, last year to take angbao.

We travelled to Taiwan.

We had our pre-wedding shoot in Taiwan, the country where we first travelled to together.

We sold our trusty 小紅,

For a new 小白.

Oppa finally graduated and is over and done with school.

Celebrated our 8th year together.

Got a promotion at my ex-company.

Celebrated the country's big 50.

Got married in paper.
Finally tendered and left my job of 3 years. Family and friends were congratulating me for finally "divorcing" my ex-company.

I had been holding back the resignation for the longest time despite all the turmoil it has put me through cause I didn't want to go through the procedure of adapting to a new environment again but I guess my move was right after all cause the new place is so much better than the previous and they don't shortchange me at all.

Joined a new company. Bigger and better environment.

Where they celebrated my 27th for me despite knowing me for less than a month.

Making a hell load of new friends.

Getting married to the captain of my life.

And leaving comfort home for real..

Mini-moon in Korea.

Looking at the last of my long hair.

Had my hair cut SHORT after 19 years.


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