Sunday, January 25, 2015

If you are a fan of Marvel's superheroes, or your boyfriend is one, then you probably will love today's entry. This crazily themed cafe has been sitting around our backyard for quite awhile, yet we did not notice it until a friend of ours introduced it to us. And in celebration of my bff's new found love, I threw a double-brunch-date at Hungry Heroes.

Housed in a nostalgic conservational shophouse in Little India, Hungry Heroes is a Restaurant & Bar specialising in hearty and robust meats. The interior design follows a playful eclectic style featuring original superhero memoribilia collected over the last two decades and quirky decorative pop art retailed by new lifestyle space agency.

Oppa and I ordered Beef Stew and Nice To Meat You (consisting of beef, chicken thigh, pulled pork and porkribs, coupled with thickcut fries, toast, corn and salad) to share and frankly speaking, we were pretty impressed. I was raving over how awesome the pulled pork was while Oppa loved the beef. Guess men just simply know their meat uh.

I didn't get to go upstairs so here are some photos I ripped off the internet. Check out how detailed their deco is ?! The chandelier is made of little hero figurines !! I totally regretted not heading upstairs but ohwells, I can always swing by again since it is just few minutes walk away from our place.

Hungry Heroes

33 Tessensohn Road
Singapore 217656
Tel : +65 6295 5401 

Till then, xoxo

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