Thursday, January 15, 2015

Since my proposal back in December 2013, I have been receiving emails and questions as to how many carats my ring is, how much does it cost, what brand is it from ? I even have someone mocking at me when I replied that we got my ring from a private local retailer JannPaul instead of the usual branded boutiques.

Frankly speaking, I see no shame or wrong in getting a ring from a private local retailer. So what if you are having SooKee or LeeHwa ? Is the brand or size of the ring something you take into account of how blissful your marriage will be ? What really matters is how you perceive the value of the ring and the man who got you that ring. Even if it's just a coca cola tab, with the right man, your marriage will be equally blissful.

Who doesn't love a solitaire in that beautiful blue Tiffany box ? Or that blood red Cartier box ? But keep in mind one thing; It's not about the solitaire, the cut, the clarity or the brand. It's about the man putting the ring on your finger. At night when the ring is off, it's just you and him. Make sure he's the one for what's within him and not for the size of that stone.

Till then, xoxo

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