Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Writing this while waiting for my turn at the doctor. Life, what is life ? For me, I like my life hectic. I like to keep myself busy with things, be it things I hate or things I enjoy doing. I have always been thankful that I have the chance to hold a job that I do enjoy at times, pays me on time and pays me enough to feed myself and my family. But now that I am turning 27 in a few months' time, it set me thinking if this is what I want for the rest of my life ? 

Do I see myself holding a 8 to 5 job ? 

Will I be happy ? 

Is this what I have been dreaming for ? 

There have been no regrets but I haven't been ticking things off my bucket list, doing things I truly wish to do, going to the places I want to see, and being around the people I wish to be with. 

I would like to share my blessings here for the wonderful opportunities life has presented me thus far, and those that I have created for myself. I am also trying my very best to keep my blog updated regularly, while juggling between all the other things I have on my plate.

Behind it all, I am lying if I say I am not struggling to keep everything in check, to be in the pink of health, to be on par with work schedules and deadlines, especially with the upcoming wedding and Korea trip. I am still in the midst of finalising all the wedding details and I’m glad I’ve not reached wits end with ideas and inspirations and I am praying that all will fall into place.

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