Sunday, August 2, 2015

As the heading of this post says, this entry will be about my trip to Universal Studios (Singapore) at Sentosa yesterday. Our entry plus fast pass was FOC cause the bestfriend managed to get us free tickets while Yip's sister signed our fast pass for us. Perks of having a friend who's sister works in a themepark (:

Selfie starts as early as 9am, where we were having breakfast at Vivo's Toastbox. A tip for everyone, DO NOT have a heavy breakfast if you are going to take the Battlestar Galactica as your first ride.

Mandatory touristy shot with the globe

Wefie time, while waiting for the boys to take their Battlestar Galactica.
We were too hum to take the ride.

Daiso $2.00 poncho to the rescue !!

Chilling by the cafes while waiting for  the Minions to pass by. The churros was good by the way. I have been craving for churros so yay to having my churros crave satisfied !!

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