Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hello everyone ! For those who are not aware, I will be having my solemnisation on an earlier date at the Registry of Marriage itself so that I could save myself the trouble of looking for a Justice of Peace. Before you start calling me lazy, do note that I had been hunting for one since last year and I never had the luck. All of those which I had emailed to either said they will not be in Singapore, or they already committed to other couples. So yea, to save trouble, ROM@ROM it shall be !! And that being said, the most important item of the event (other than the oppa and myself) is none other than... ...


We started looking around early cause we thought that would be the simplest item to strike off the wedding list. And by early, I meant as early as 2014 haha. I thought we just need to come to a conclusion which design we like, and pay for it and it's done. Apparently we both did not take our band shopping too seriously so we kind of left it untouched until one day, we were just strolling after dinner and we decided to swing by one of the jewelers and had our eyes set on a pair.

We have been to JannPaul, where we got my engagement ring. We have been to Michael Trio, the widely advertised retailer in the blogosphere. We also looked up Ling Jewellery, Fairy Inc, for customisations. We also look at the more commercial brands such as Lee Hwa, Soo Kee, Love&Co ... ...

We started off really simple, hitting stores after stores, without a single idea what we wanted. Simply just looking around, letting the designs and ideas flow and hit us. Through the entire band hunting journey, we changed our minds quite a fair bit. From wanting a pair of non-matching European style eternity for me and thick paved stone for him, to wanting something that actually matches but the designs out there seems a tad too common.

I initially wanted either an eternity or half-eternity band so that I could pair it with my engagement ring. But I really cannot stand the gaps in between the two rings when stacked. So that being said, unless I get a band that is of the same setting as my engagement ring, otherwise I can never solve the gap issue. So after looking around, we found ourselves a design which we both love and is also suitable for daily army wear. Since it is going to worn daily, we chose one that is not too fanciful, and very sturdy looking.

Basically, our final choice is an off the shelves design - a structural gypsy setting comprising of white and rose gold and single stone that is flushed with the ring surface. The original design only comes in standard fit, so we topped up abit to have them customise a pair that is of the same design, but of comfort fit.

I love how our band design has that little tinge of fanciness without being too over the top. Of course, it will be more asethetically ideal and engagment ring friendly if I had gotten an eternity or half eternity band but after much considerations, considering that the nature of my job ain't too accessory-friendly either, this design it shall be !!


Love begins in a moment, grew overtime, and lasts forever.

And here's a photo of us with the wedding bands on it own.

When stacked together with my engagement ring. Sorry for the loss of focus. That's the sharpest I can get closedup. I don't know, it kind of felt like it looked too awkward when stacked. What do you girls think ??

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