Officially missing you

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Met my Baby after work today !! His hairdresser was a maga slowpok so he was a little late in meeting me. And cause Baby was late, i got to see the most amusing scene ever. This is what happened - A man (prolly in his fifties or so) stood in the middle of the train station, moved his head in similar motion of a moving stand-fan, and spitted saliva at everyone around him !! Insane, no ??

Okay weirdos aside, accompanied and waited at the audience gallery while B headed for his training. And this, has got to be the very FIRST time that i ever sat quietly at one side, and watched anyone train. Be very honored kay Mister Boyfriend (:

But anyhoots, twas really sweet to the heart to just sit there, watch B run, and keep track of his timings. Never got to really sit down and watch my B seriously geared into something cause i ALWAYS (without fail) fall asleep when B's dota-ing.

And so, B had salty pepperish not-so-nice chicken chop, while i skipped dinner. Ok, i had 2 of his fries, and he forced fed me 2 pieces of skinless chicken. Walked around the neighbourhood before he sent me back to home sweet hone :D

And now that he's away from msn for Dota, i'm blogging my day and i'm officially missing my boyfriend. Am i like addicted to him or what (:

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