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Thursday, November 8, 2007




And so, i was blog-hopping when i bummed across this girl, who blogs so openly bout her loose sex life. Fyi, she does sex for money. I'm gonna sound mean but seriously, everything in her blog just turns me off major and sets me thinking why in the world does such cheap girls existed.

And the worst thing is, she's not at all pretty and has long ugly tummy hair. Not too sure of her name though, and i wonder if i should post her url here cause that will be like a free advertising for her, no ?

And while the loverboy was Dota-ing, i enjoyed myself with MeiYan on msn. Bitched bout the above mentioned girl who blogs openly bout her hooker job and posted photos of her hugeass black nippled boob. Then we started talking bout school and i complained to her how sad i was upon hearing that SIM only enrolls students who are at least 21 years of age. Twas when she told this muddle-headed friend of hers the difference between UniSIM and the other overseas Unis in SIM.

And these courses seems pretty good,

1) UOL - Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Banking and Finance
2) UOL - Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Business
3) RMIT - Bachelor of Business (Management)
4) RMIT - Bachelor of Business (Marketing)

And and, if i were to take up POA, i can choose to be in the same class as MeiYan !! Lalala, please grant me my wish !!

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