Saturday, November 3, 2007


Words cannot express my utter gratitude and love for the boyfriend, who has made my 19th special. Even in just the tiniest of ways (Kays, it's not that anyway)

Twas 5pm on Friday evening when he told me that he's gonna have dinner with his classmate (And i end work at 5 fyi) So i'm left to wait for him at YCK station till bout 545-ish before he reaches.

Trained to Dhoby Ghuat and we grocery-shopped together for the FIRST of our lifetime. Then it's home for unpacking and such, and when the clock hit 12, we played the Guess? game. Envelopes filled with hints were hidden all over his place and i had to hunt for them before i come to the location where the gift was hidden.

For the past week, B's been telling me that he's really broke and could not get me any gift for my birthday. So i told him, it's really okay y'know. And so i bought his story and wasn't really expecting anything at the end of the treasure hunt. I just thought twas a simple game that we're suppose to play together.

But guess what ? The loverboy had gotten me a pink BLINGBLING timepiece from Guess? for my 19th !! Love it to bits !! But, that pretty watch totally burned a mega hole in his poor tiny pocket, poor boy ):

To my Captain JS, who's the most dearest and kept close to my heart, i truly and genuinely appreciate everything you did to make my 19th an awesome one. Thanks for being the understanding boyfriend always when i whine and wail at you and your addikted gaming habits.

I may not have had a big birthday bash that entailed a night of drunken and saucy fun, but i had this very special celebration with Baby, that's worth more (To me at least) than an expensive club, loud thumping / ear bursting moosik, sweaty writhing bodies of friends strangers and free flowing booze that one could ever have been.

To the Mummy and Daddy who had tolerated with my rebelions for the past 19 years, i thank you two for bringing me up, and rotan-ing me at the right times so that i had gone astrayed but became goody-homie girl not long after.

To the friends who texted/ commented to send me their heartfelt greetings - Adels Aldis Alvin Alvina Benedict CheeYong Christopher Eileen Eliza Gladys HuiEr Jeremy Jonathan Joy Kelvin Marilyn MeiTing MeiYan Qiqi Samantha Serene SiJie Sk ShuRong WeiJie Terence TianYing Xinyue YeeWoen YingLin YunTing ZhiXian, Thanks for remembering this insignificant day, and making me feel that i'm not that friend-less after all (:

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